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POOLCOTE is a custom designed swimming pool coating system where the requirements for wear resistance and durability are particularly demanding.

The product has been formulated in Germany where it has been used with great success for many years. In South Africa, Poolcote has been subjected to tests over the past eight years and has proved highly suitable for coatings of old Marblite plastered pools.

Poolcote is also suitable for application on most previously painted surfaces. Previous loose paint should be removed.

The system
  1. The primer consists of 5lt high penetration Methacrylic Resin.
  2. Poolcote consists of 5lt Poolcote Synthetic Thermoplastic Resin. The Poolcote has the following properties:
    • Good application characteristics and very easy to apply.
    • Colour stability, attractive appearance.
    • Good adhesion with the unique ability to bond to most clean surfaces.
    • Resistance to aggressive chemicals; acids and lyes.
    • High water vapour permeability.
The application of Poolcote
  1. Preparation of old plastered pool surface
    The pool surface should be acid washed using Hydrochloric Pool Acid. One part acid plus four parts of water. The pool surface should then be brushed clean using a scrubbing brush and plenty of water. The surface of the pool should now be left to dry out thoroughly for approximately seven days.
  2. Primer applications
    Mix primer thoroughly and apply one thin coat to the pool surface. Do not attempt to paint on a damp surface.
  3. Poolcote application
    Poolcote should be mixed well before application. Apply two thin coats of Poolcote after the primer has dried. Allowing surface to dry between coats. Poolcote thinners must be added if too thick. Paint applied too thick may cause bubbles at a later stage as too thickly applied paint will impair the paint’s water vapour permeability and the paint will not be able to breathe. This can cause bubbles.
  4. Cleaning
    Brushes and equipment may be cleaned with Poolcote Thinners.
  5. Water
    The swimming pool may only be filled with water after 7 days as the Poolcote must cure thoroughly in a dry environment.
All information is given in good faith and is intended to provide general notes on our products. However, as products are used in conditions outside our control, we cannot accept any liability whatsoever for any resultant damages or losses.

Poolcote Primer 5lt
(1 coat = 40m2)
Poolcote Thermoplastic Paint 5lt
(20m2x2 coats)
Colours: Black; White; Blue & Cobalt Blue
Poolcote Solvent Thinners 5lt



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