Rockit Products
ROCKBOND is used as a primer and bonding agent to stabilise old or chalking surfaces. It primes previously painted or plastered surfaces, adding strength and waterproofing. It is used as a bonding agent when re-marbliting swimming pools.

Surface preparation

The surface to which the Rockbond is to be applied must be sound, clean and dry. Acid wash the surface and remove dusty areas with a wire brush. Pool surfaces must be chipped 80% of the surface before Rockbond is applied.


Mix 1 part Rockbond to 3 parts water. This mixture is then mixed with Marblite to produce a slurry. Apply to pool surface using a block brush or broom to leave a rough surface on the pool. Once the Rockbond slurry has set the Marblite Pool Plaster may be applied.

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