Rockit Products
  Our Products
We produce and supply the following products:
  • MARBLITE” Pool Plaster.
  • POOLCOTE” Thermoplastic Swimming pool coating.
  • ROCKBOND” Primer and Bonding agent.
  • PLASTOMAR COLOUR GLO” Marblite additive.
  • White Cement.
  • Ceramic Mosaic tiles.
  • Natural Stone tiles.
  • Fibreglass Pump and Filter Housings.
  • Various other Swimming pool construction materials and additives.

  • Natural Stone Aggregates in white and various colours.
  • Natural Stone Pebbles.
  • Coloured Aggregates for the Pet Trade.

  • Various Wall Coating products and Stone Backing plasters.
  • Stone Wall coating systems.
  • ROCKIT COMPOUND” Acrylic Adhesive compound.
  • Mosaic Tile Backing Mesh.
  • Adhesives and Sealers.
  • ROCKIT ACRYLIC PAINT” Acrylic emulsion paint for walls and ceilings.

  • Industrial Minerals and Fillers for the Paint and Coating Industry.

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